The Blindness and Acceptance of Slavery

Photo by Kindel Media

We are all slaves. We just don’t know it. We are all happy to use slaves to serve us, which might be why we are oblivious to the fact we are slaves ourselves. We have enough slight of hand used towards us to stop us knowing. Slaves were owned, slaves were driven by the whip, slaves had no say in their future. That can’t be us! We are not owned. We have freedom. We are not whipped into service. We can vote, we have a say, we can choose our jobs. This is our normality, this is modern life, there is nothing wrong with it, surely? When slavery as we know it was at its height, was it normal? Was it not just part of society? 

Today the whip has been replaced with a pay check. The whip was the motivation, the reward was less pain and subsistence living, food water and shelter. Today’s pay check gives a reward of subsistence living, food, water, shelter and some entertainment, for distraction. I know many are not caught up in the subsistence living part, but the pay check is still the whip, driving you forward to acquire more and more assets that you will never use, or need in your lifetime. 

When you sit in a coffee shop or restaurant, you are served by workers on not more than minimum wage, a wage that you could not live on, or raise a family with. At best that wage gives some sort of subsistence. If those ‘slaves’ had a choice, would they be there? We are all part of that exploitation.

But we are not owned I hear you say, so we cannot be slaves. We are certified by the state when we are born, we are an asset of the crown. We are restricted to being able to work in only certain places in the world depending where you were born. Permission has to be granted for you to work in some places. When we work we have a contract, is it really for your protection? It is really for the mitigation of liability for your employer/slave master. 

As for our say in society, I would argue we have none. It does not matter what political party is currently in ‘power’, the rich still get even richer, and the poor get poorer. We effectively have no say, but we cling to this charade of democracy that it will deliver. It never does. We just get more war, suffering, and a more divided society with more factions hating each other. Democracy works for the slave masters. As long as we hate each other and blame the right or left, or black or white or whatever, the hatred is deflected from those baring the whip.

Are you happy being a slave? Are you happy exploiting others? Do you just accept it as you can’t do anything?

Money is fear. Fear is the whip. I work with businesses to start to remove the fear. Talk to me.